Pain Cake

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Pain Cake

Post by the way on Wed 17 Sep 2008, 8:53 pm

The nursery rhymes of the future.
Spawned from a very random thoughtsentence that had the words pain and cake in it.


pain cake, pain cake
lick off the icing
you're a disgrace
soft, moist, throbbing ache
eat some pain cake, pain cake
so blow out the candles
one, two, three
you will never know
what you meant to me
pain cake, pain cake
take a bite
take a sweet, sweet slice
watching you crumble
into little bits
of pain cake.

checked. phanta.
the way
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Re: Pain Cake

Post by lyrical_mess on Fri 26 Sep 2008, 9:22 pm

I like reminds me of that nursery rhyme, patty cake.

Its rhym-ey and just...hitting? I can't find the word. But its like, the point. Cold and sad at the same time. Like..."I don't want to care anymore because you're a mean bastard". To be crude.
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